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Common Questions (FAQ)

Business hours. We are open 6 days a week Monday –Saturday. We are closed on Sundays. Our business hours from Monday to Friday are from 8:30 am to 5 pm and on Saturdays from 9am to 12 am local time. Please consider our operational hours and time zone difference.


What if I can’t find a spare part in the price list? Even if a specific spare part cannot be found in our price list, we will find a way to supply to you. This is even more true if you are looking for some parts for a new vehicle: the dealers might have started to ship those parts for new models, but have not yet updated their price lists.


Automated discount system. The prices and discounts will be automatically calculated for you based on your average monthly purchases, with following recalculations every 90 days. The average monthly number of purchases is calculated by the invoices for the last 90 days and does not include packaging and delivery expenses.


Notification of payment. All information about payments and financial matters should be sent to the e-mail address It is important to specify the following information:
1. Your client code (specify in the subject line)
2. Payment date
4. Transfer amount / Currency
5. Name of the company from which the payment was made


Items with statuses "Not Available" on "My Orders" page. Items with statuses "Not Available" or "Price Changed" has been cancelled automatically by the system, meaning the item was not available with selected Dealer, you can place an order again with any other Dealer on website.


What does the «Price Changed» status mean when viewing the order status? The «Price Changed» status may mean the following:
1. You have limited the price, but the spare part can be supplied only by another supplier at a higher price. In this case, you can reorder the spare part not limiting the price.
2. The ordered spare part was out of stock and the substitution price was higher (see maximum allowed price excess grid in the FAQ), therefore we decided not to supply the substitution at a higher price.
3. The spare part price has increased after you placed an order. In this case you can simply reorder the spare part at the new price.


Responsibility for damaging of spare parts during delivery. Although we thoroughly check the spare parts on all stages (receiving, sorting, packing, etc.), we cannot be responsible for possible damage of the spare parts after sending them to the transportation company. On our practice damaging of spare parts happens very rarely, however it's necessary to understand, that delivering of spare parts such as windshield glasses, moldings (longer than 1 meter), long rear lamps and other volumetric plastic spare parts is bound to a higher risk of damaging during Delivery. Nevertheless, on your request we can request additional insurance of the goods against possible loss or damage in the transportation company.


How is the payment for delivery of oversized (bulky) cargo calculated? NB: Volumetric weight - is a value that reflects density of cargo. Volumetric weight of cargo is calculated as follows:

length (cm) * width (cm) x height (cm) / 5000 = volumetric weight (kg).


Let's look at a simplistic example for clarity: you need to send a box weighing 5 kg with dimensions 40cm x 50cm x 60cm. If you imagine a box of such size and weight, then it will appear to you big enough, and at the same time, very light for its size. However, if we calculate its volumetric weight (40 * 50 * 60 / 5000), we’ll get 24 kg, and the cost of delivery will be calculated according to this value. That is, in case if volumetric weight exceeds physical weight, the cost of delivery is determined taking into account the volumetric weight.

Depending on the destination country, the volumetric weight is calculated differently.


At what time it is better to send orders? Please note the time in which we send most orders to our dealers: from 9:00 to 10:00 in the morning, from 12:00 to 13:00 in the afternoon, and from 16:00 to 17:00. If you want your order as early as possible, please try to send your orders in the time specified above. Otherwise, your order may only be sent to our dealers in a few hours or the next day (for example, if you send an order at 18:00 in the evening, it may be the next day before the dealer accepts the order).

Cancellation request. You can send a request to cancel the supply of a part right from our website.
We can ask dealers to cancel an items with statuses "Order Accepted" and "In Progress" only, on "My Orders" page. Positions with any other statuses CANNOT be cancelled at all. It is IMPORTANT to understand that the request does not give you a 100% guarantee that delivery will be cancelled, because some dealers do not accept cancellation requests or accept them only in rare cases, or with a penalty.


Request for availability and price quote.
We do not work on the “Request-Order” principle, since availability in the dealers’ stocks changes on a daily basis. However, in the Price-Online section of the website for some dealers you can access information on availability in the dealer’s stock. Besides, in order to predict availability (if it is unknown), we show statistics on the supply of each spare part in the Price–Online section.


Substitutions supply and the ONLY THIS NUMBER constraint.
If the dealer doesn’t have the ordered number in stock and a substitution number is found in the Price-online when searching for original number, then the dealer can supply the substitution. The price of the substitution in some cases may be higher than the price of the ordered number. Unfortunately, this is the specificity of work with dealers in the UAE, Oman and other Gulf States - dealers can simply supply the more expensive substitution, and in most cases, it is difficult or impossible to make a return.


Specificity of ordering aftermarket parts. When ordering aftermarket parts one number can correspond to the parts from different manufacturers. For instance, if you order the bearing PU159026RR1HY6, then a bearing from KOYO can be supplied, as well as a bearing from NSK. If, for example, you want a bearing only from KOYO to be supplied, you should specify the ONLY KOYO constraint for that order line (and specify DUBL or KOYO as a manufacturer).

If you’re still not sure about something or would like to ask us more questions, please send us an email to

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